Pray for Potatoes: Pursue Professional Success Through God's Love

pray for potatoes book coverPray for Potatoes is a guide to equip you with leadership habits, rooted in biblical principles, to achieve the best that God has for you professionally. In this book, you will learn the most important title in your career is Child of God and with it comes responsibility as a leader of both business and people. Through the author’s personal career experiences, along with scriptures, prayers, and confessions, readers establish Christ-like habits to deal with the wins and losses as business leaders. When you develop leadership habits that allow you to operate professionally from a Godly state of mind, it will change your life. Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle e-Book.




 About the Author


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Rovina Broomfield is passionate about God and business. She holds a master's in business administration from Olin Business School and an undergraduate degree in Finance. She enjoys an exciting career at one of the largest tech companies in the world and has successful launched businesses, both within her company and independently. Her passions and career experiences contributed to the production of this book. Rovina attends Christian Faith Center church and lives in Seattle, Washington.

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"Rovina Broomfield gives a powerful look at what it takes to succeed in our world today. She gets to an in-depth perspective in an amazingly simple approach. You'll have an 'aha' moment and a new view of your path to success in the pages of 'Pray for Potatoes'. Rovina is practical and powerful at the same time. Her thoughts are spiritual and yet you'll see how they will work in your position every day. Take the time to read 'Pray for Potatoes' and get ready for some new insights on success and your plans for the future."

– Casey Treat, Founder & Senior Pastor, Christian Faith Center

"Rovina is inspiring and insightful. I love her secret weapons she shares with us to win and have success in life. I started reading chapter one and simply could not put down 'Pray for Potatoes'. I know you will love it."    

– Wendy Treat, Founder & Senior Pastor, Christian Faith Center

"When I met Rovina, I was immediately impressed with her heart for the Lord, her depth of wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit. What I liked most is that she doesn't just talk about success, dreams and big goals, she knows how to make things happen and has the fruit to prove it!"

- Beth Jones, Founder & Senior Pastor, Valley Family Church